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Making An Appointment


As a first step you will need to make an appointment to visit my office for a hearing test.

This testing & evaluation session can last typically 30 minutes to over one hour so please allow enough time.

(Please note that your ears need to be totally wax free in order to perform the hearing test etc. If in doubt, please visit the Practice Nurse at your local GP's surgery prior to your visit - thanks. Alternatively I may be able to remove any problem wax during your visit.)

Depending on the hearing test results, I may recommend that you purchase one or possibly two hearing aids.

I am a great believer in the benefits of the latest tiny & discreet Loudspeaker In The Ear models - and I can often fit these at this initial appointment.

If we take this route I will set up an appropriate physical fit, and also "program" the micro-computer in the digital hearing aid to match your hearing situation.

You will then be able to leave my practice wearing your new almost invisible hearing aids!

(I may also be able to send you away with trial aids free-of-charge for a week or so)

Before you go I will arrange for a further Follow Up appointment - see below.

Note: If you need a custom made In-The-Ear hearing aid or a custom made earmould for a traditional Behind The Ear aid, then I may take some resin "impressions" of your ears - a quick and simple process. With your agreement, I will then order your customised hearing aids from the manufacturer which will take five to 15 days to arrive back at our practice. We will then need to book a further Fitting Appointment (see below).


If you were fitted with Loudspeaker In The Ear models at the initial appointment then you won't need a separate Fitting Appointment.

However if you are being fitted with a custom made hearing aid or earmould then you will need a dedicated Fitting Appointment.

When your custom made aids or earmoulds arrive at our practice from the manufacturer I will ask you back for another visit so that we can check the physical fit, and also so I can "program" the micro-computer in the digital hearing aid to match your hearing situation.

This session can last typically one to two hours.


I will offer you free-of-charge follow up appointments so that we can check how you are getting on with your new hearing aid. We can carry out any fine tuning needed at that point.

These visits will normally be about two or three weeks after the fitting - and certainly within six weeks.

These sessions will typically last 30 minutes to one hour.


Further fine-tuning sessions after the follow-up process will be chargeable. Allow around £30-£45 for a typical fine tuning session.

These sessions will typically last 30 minutes to one hour.

You will probably only need a few such sessions in the life of the hearing aid(s) - mainly annual checkups - so the total costs will be low.

I can provide prompt appointments ... sometimes on the same day of your call!

To make (or cancel) an appointment please phone 01386 830100 or email me at:

I work Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM - but unlike many dispensers I can be available at other times too.

Easy parking right next to my building is available. My office is on the first floor.

(As I am usually quite busy, it is ESSENTIAL that you make an appointment prior to ANY visit)

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