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Terms Of Business

Dispensing Terms Of Business as at 3 Aug 2021.

We try to be 100% fair with our customers without having to resort to "the fine print". However the lawyers want us to put our Terms Of Business in writing.

The various points are listed below.

Please feel free to email me at: if you have any questions.

Please note that the points listed below are our definitive Terms Of Business, and override any similar points made elsewhere.

Business Names: Blackminster Hearing Centre is a trading division of Augmentics Ltd , which is a company registered in England, registration number 4363167 , registered address Crow Farm, Yessell Lane, Hinton On The Green, Worcs WR11 2RE.

Customer contact routes: As we usually working with clients, we make heavy use of email. In order to contact us please send an email to and we will aim to get back to you promptly. If you have no email facilities we can be also reached by telephone on: 01386 830100 (International: +44 1386 830100). If required, please leave a message with the answering service.

VAT Registration: Augmentics Ltd is registered for UK VAT, number 874 3101 36.

VAT Rate: We currently charge VAT at 20% on all goods and services - unless subject to 'partial VAT exemption'.

VAT on price list: All prices quoted include VAT, if applicable.

Credit facilities: We currently do not offer credit terms.

Title: Title in all goods remains with Blackminster Hearing Centre (Augmentics Ltd) until fully paid for.

Payment Options: We accept Bank transfers, Internet banking transfers, cheques & cash. Sadly we do not currently accept credit or debit cards.

Credit & Debit Card Payments: Due to excessive provider fees we have currently suspended credit & debit card payments.

Privacy Policy: Blackminster Hearing Centre will not pass on your personal details to any third party, with the exception of our payment clearing services who in turn operate their own privacy systems. We may use your contact details in-house to keep you updated on order progress, and also to keep you updated about our products and services. We work to conform to the GDPR regulations.

Provision of services: We reserve the right to decline any request for sale of goods.

Web Browser Compatibility: Our website requires our customer's web browser to be of reasonably modern design with 'cookies' enabled and with JavaScript enabled. Your browser may also need Java installed. If any of these key components are missing you may not be able to successfully view this web site. In this event please send us an email so that we can help sort out any technical problems.

Unexpected Supply Problems: We reserve the right to cancel your order and to issue promptly a full refund. This clause is simply to protect us from a supplier business failure or if we have inadvertently under priced goods or if we cannot supply the goods for any reason.

Price Changes: We will advise you and ask for your agreement if we have to modify any price for any reason.

Pricing variants: The prices on this web site are specific to this web site, and may differ from prices charged by our other business divisions. Any price charged by any specific division is definitive, and cannot be modified post-sale.

Product & Packaging Illustrations: We aim to be accurate with photos of products & packaging - but sometimes you may receive a fully functional product, but with different packaging or overall appearance.

Hearing test fees: Usually we do not charge for a hearing test. However in some cases, for example Special Offers, we may charge a small fee for hearing tests and hearing evaluations. However if you purchase hearing aids from us then we will provide a discount to cancel out any hearing test fee. Customers who wish to take away a copy of their audiogram and hearing assessment details must notify us in advance and will be charged a special consultancy fee.

Free trials: We try hard to offer free trials, but this may not always be possible.

Refund terms: A full refund on a purchased aid is available if the hearing aid is returned in good condition within 21 calendar days from the purchase date. We reserve the right to deduce a handling fee of £100 for each BTE (Behind The Ear) aids and of £150 for each ITE (In The Ear) aids. Refunds will only be considered where the returned goods are in a clean, undamged state in the original packaging. Please note however that for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of hearing aid consumables. Refunds will not be available in such cases.

Guarantee: 2 years manufacturer's guarantee is normal for most hearing aids, unless otherwise advised. After that time any repairs etc will be chargeable.Some manufactuers allow an Extend Warranty to be purchased.

Important note concerning Insurance: A manufacturer will typically cover all repair costs including parts & labour in the event of a hearing aid becoming faulty. It will NOT usually cover loss due to theft, fire etc nor will it cover accidental physical damage nor day-to-day problems such as wax blockages, cleaning etc. The customer is advised to consider obtaining additional insurance etc to cover these risks.

Guarantee undertaking: We undertake to provide all possible assistance to clients so that they gain the full benefit of any manufacturer's guarantee.

Follow-up visit: We undertake to arrange a further personal consultation with the client, at no further charge, at the place of the original consultation or wherever agreed by the client within 6 weeks of the supply of the hearing aid to assess the client's progress and to offer any assistance that may be required.

Fine tuning sessions: Fine-tuning sessions after that time will be chargeable at a nominal fee.

Fitting of hearing aids bought elsewhere: If you bought your hearing aid elsewhere, e.g. abroad, we may be able provide a hearing assessment, fitting and fine-tuning sessions and support for a fee. This will however be at our discretion and will require a personalised service level agreement on warranties etc.

Repairs: On request, we will try to arrange for the repair for any "out of warranty" hearing aids purchased from us. Such repairs will be chargeable.

Deposits etc: No prior deposit for the hearing aids is usually required - but we will require pre-payment of any hearing test fee prior to your appointment. This fee is non-refundable, even if you decide not to come for the appointment or if you decide that you do

Payments: The balance of all payments must be made prior or at time of hearing aid fitting / collection.

HCPC Regulations: For any person-to-person sales made from our dispensing office we follow the Health & Care Professions Council regulations.

Sorry, our insurers do not allow us to supply hearing aids or related services to nationals or residents of the US, Canada or Eire

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