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    "Who are you exactly?"
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    "Why do you offer such low prices?"
    Here at Blackminster Hearing Centre I strongly believe that the hard-of-hearing should be able to benefit from the latest excellent digital hearing aids at a fair price.

    The NHS & RNID have made valiant efforts to provide digital hearing aids to patients ... but sadly there can still be long waiting lists, limited product choice and limited availability. These NHS problems lead to many people buying a digital hearing aid privately.

    Most private sector hearing aids are supplied by hearing aid dispensers through "home visits" to the customer's house.

    These "home visits" result from a customer responding to a very convincing national newspaper advert, or to an advert received in the post.

    The  "home visit" dispenser will usually work "on commission" for one of the large national hearing aid sales companies.

    These "national" firms can spend a lot on advertising etc, which can result in very high prices for the customer.

    I believe that tests made at a dispensing office will generally lead to more accurate results. Customers should think carefully before purchasing expensive hearing aids through "home visits", unless of course there are medical or similar reasons which limit the customer's mobility.

    In addition to the "home visit" firms, there are still some traditional High Street hearing aid dispensers. However these now need to pay ever increasing rent & rates which can result in them having to
    charge rather high prices.

    There are also some big optician "chains" who sell hearing aids from their opticians premises. These sites however usually operate on a part-time basis - the dispenser is only there for a day or less each week. This can lead to after-care difficulties for customers.

    Overall, it seems to me that high prices are "standard" in the UK hearing aid industry - which can put off many people from improving their hearing.

    I also feel that it is not right to charge retired people thousands of pounds for digital hearing aids - there must be a better way of providing vital hearing improvement at a reasonable price.

    I strongly feel that it is time for a change and I believe that I have found a way of providing an excellent service whilst offering lower than usual prices.  In fact I try to offer the lowest prices in the UK for almost all brands and models.

    "How do you offer such low prices?"

    I can offer low prices through the following common sense measures:

    • Minimising my overheads - I do NOT have expensive High Street offices. My practice is out-of-town (at an interesting new rural office complex) which greatly reduces the rent & rates.
    • Minimising staff costs - I do NOT have layers of managers "helping" with the business
    • Minimising home visits - I have found that home visits are very often unnecessary and often technically unsatisfactory. I therefore try to limit these to those cases recommended by GPs, hospitals etc - and even then I may need to levy a charge to cover my costs.
    • Increasing my sales volume - Many traditional dispensers see relatively few customers, so they need to charge quite high prices to cover their costs. However my low prices attract a higher volume of customers, which means that I need to make less profit per sale in order to pay the bills - which means lower prices for you.
    • Minimising wasted visits - It seems to me that maybe 1-in-3 of those who visit a "traditional" dispenser walk away empty handed - they simply find the very high prices unacceptable. This can happen because the customer is only told the prices at the very last minute. (Missing 1-in-3 sales means that the 2-in-3 who DO buy an aid are paying for that "lost" time spent by the dispenser with the unhappy clients) However I expect almost all my clients to buy an aid from me. My prices and service simply cannot be beaten - and I tell you my prices BEFORE you even arrive. No surprises, very low prices and excellent service - simply an unbeatable combination!

    I believe that these common sense measures allow me to provide an excellent and professional service whilst keeping my prices very low.

    Some key points:
    • I tell you my hearing aid prices BEFORE you are sitting in my office
    • I can supply top quality multiband digital hearing aids at around the lowest prices available
    • I do NOT work from a dark corner in a branch of a national opticians "chain"
    • I are NOT happy working from the back of a car so I do NOT do "home visits"
    • I have free parking next to my out-of-town office
    • I can offer super service at low prices because of my very low overheads 
    • I offer excellent value so I do NOT need to make "2-for-1" offers
    • I am totally independent and I am NOT part of a large, impersonal "chain"
    • I do NOT offer low quality "budget" aids - I supply only high quality aids
    • I am NOT a web-based agency which sells your details to others
    • I do NOT work from so-called "hearing exhibitions" at hotels & town halls
    • Unlike many dispensers, I am also a DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY EXPERT
    • I can usually arrange appointments 8:30-6:00 Mon-Fri  - but I can be available at other times too.

    If you have any questions please call 01386 830100 or email me at richard@blackminster.co.uk 


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